Electric Bassist

Bass player currently gigging with country & Americana artist Ledfoot Larry and at Grace Lutheran Church in Andover MN.  Past experience includes Mick Sterling's Van Morrison Tribute "Beautiful Vision", touring bands Lipp Service & Krush, and Minnesota blues icons Inside Straight.  I have also performed with Concentual, American Pop Music Experiment, trad jazz group J#, and many more.  Stylistically, my bag is jazz infused rock with elements of clave/tumbao, funk, and country.     


Vocalist currently gigging with country & Americana artist Ledfoot Larry.  Past experience includes lead vocalist for American Pop Music Experiment, Krush, and The Usual Suspects.  Stylistically, my timbre is clear and lends itself to rock, pop, and country.  I am a Tenor with a range from C3 to A4 (excluding falsetto). 


Keyboardist currently playing with Alt-Folk/Pop band Michael & Sara.  In the past I have performed as organist for blues/rock recording artists Whiskey & Prozac, local variety band Big Night Out, and local rock band Face First.


"Michael is a fabulous bassist and vocalist with an ear that allows him to write interesting and fitting parts for original music with a strong sense of where a song should go.  He's a professional-level musician with an excellent work ethic and ability to take an ensemble to the next level whether it be an original project or cover". -Lorenzo "Ledfoot Larry" Michelutti

"Micheal is a consummate musician who not only has a vast knowledge of his primary instrument (bass) but many others as well. Having assisted on production of his last recording I saw first hand his chart writing ablity for horns, strings and just about anything else. He knows what he wants to hear..."

John Wright- Bassist, Galactic Cowboy Orchestra


I am interested in local, regional, national, and international gig opportunities.  Contact me directly regarding availability.


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