Liner Notes

Musicians / Always Starting Again

Dale Strength - Acoustic & Electric Guitars; Ricky Peterson - Hammond B3 Organ; Gregg Inhofer - Keys & Organ; Eric Leeds - Alto, Tenor, Flute; Steve Goold II - Drums & Percussion; Ken Wilson - Dobro, Pedal Steel, Banjo; Terri Untalan - Violin & Viola; Josh Misner - Violin & Viola; Matt Hanzelka - Trombone; Zack Lozier - Trumpet; Carolyn Gleason - Bkgd Vocals; Michael Raymond Reitz - Electric Bass, Lead & Bkgd Vocals.

*All songs written, arranged, and produced by Michael Raymond Reitz

Recorded and engineered at MMI and F5 Soundhouse, Minneapolis Minnesota, 2012 by Davide Raso.

Musicians / Stand For Something

Darrin Askevold - Acoustic & Electric Guitars; Eric Leeds - Tenor, Bari, Flute; Anthony Francis Erickson - Drums; Shai Hayo - Congas & Percussion; Ken Wilson - Banjo; Andra Suchy - Bkgd & Lead Vocals; Brad Shermock - Trumpet; Toby Marshall - Hammond B3 Organ; Lisi Wright - Violin; Michael Raymond Reitz - Electric Bass, Lead & Bkgd Vocals, Piano.

*All songs written, arranged, and produced by Michael Raymond Reitz.  

Recorded and engineered by John Wright at The Villa Studios, Savage Minnesota, 2015/2016.


G&L Basses:

L2500 Bass (circa 2003)

L2000 Fretless Bass (circa 2000)

SB2 Bass (1986)

Ampeg SVTIII Pro w/Classic 4x10 cab

Dan Eden 1x15 cab

Yamaha moX8 


2011- Ella Reid (Self Titled EP)

2012- APME (Always Starting Again)

2013- Andy Calhoun (Live at F5)

2015/2016- APME (Stand For Something)



Thank You

First and foremost I'd like to thank my children- Ken, Leah, and Marin, for putting up with an artist/musician father.  While it may be cool to have a musician dad,  it has it's downsides.  Thanks also to my parents for their emotional support and decision to send me to Berklee College of Music. This business gets more competitive everyday and without my educational background I wouldn't be where I'm at today.  Thanks also to John Wright and Dale Strength for being mentors, Davide Raso for being a consummate professional, Mick Sterling for the coolest gig I ever had, all the many musicians I've played with over the years, the venue owners and staff that gave me a place to ply my trade, and Melanie, Darryl, and Harriet for letting me do my thing.